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The Best Places to Live in the United States US

There is no place like home.

You can go anywhere you want to but when you get back to your home, you are relieved to be there. You appreciate every small thing you have around you. Your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, and just the random people you see around every day.

Nobody wants to leave their hometown because they have spent a huge part of their life and it makes them feel like they are a part of the place. But it is necessary to change your climate and environment for your own growth. It doesn’t matter if you live in an African village or a European metropolitan city or you can be living in a capital city and still be missing an experience.

So if you want to experience your life in a different way (and maybe in a better way) you should be open to all sorts of options. Move out, go hitchhiking, go to a university in another state, and do whatever you want to do (as long as it’s legal).

We can say that every state and city in the US has its perks. One has amazing forests with breathtaking fauna, one has outstanding custom clearance services and another could have good food. So what could be the best place for you in the US to live?

It doesn’t matter if you live in the US or outside of it. Moving to a place that suits your preferences can be very beneficial for you in terms of personal, professional, and social growth.

So what are you waiting for? Find the right place from the list below, pack your bags (get your passport ready too if you live outside the US) and say your byes. Though you can always come, but back who knows you find the home somewhere else?

Without any further ado, here are some of the best places to live in the US.

1.  Boise, Idaho

With over 2.2 million people around only, Boise was marked as the safest city in the whole world last year. You are going to love Boise if you are a young person looking to live somewhere surrounded by people around your age group. A lot of young families move to Boise because of its safety and opportunities.

If you are looking for good career opportunities and a lot self-growth within a tight community then you’ve Boise is your place to be with great and affordable housing.

Worried about the weather? Well, it could be a little bit challenging and exciting because it is said that you can experience all four seasons in Boise. The catch is, you can experience all four of them in one day as well… now it’s up to you if you see it as a challenge or an experience.

2.  Raleigh, North Carolina

Over 5.7 million people living the life they want, why wouldn’t you want to join them?

If you are someone who is into exhibitions and museums then you should know that Raleigh has some major Art, History and Natural Sciences museums in the state and it is worth the flex. It doesn’t matter if you are a sports fan or an adventurer, a college student or a foodie. Raleigh is the home to you because it will never let the explorer within you get bored.

Raleigh is the hub to entrepreneurs, researchers, chefs and artists who bring life and a new perspective to the city. It can be great place for you if you are into the tech, IT or manufacturing industry. You can have loads of opportunities for your career there!

3.  Madison, Wisconsin

College students aboard!

Madison is known for its reputation for the best college towns in the whole United States and to add to that, the city is filled with college students from around the country as well as around the world.

Madison is also famous for its athletes, variety of food, and a lot of greenery. You can feel the freshness blow you away while eating some amazing snacks at a bar while supporting the local teams.

You can experience both summers and winters there to an enjoyable extent. Madison could be a great place for you to start your medical career thanks widely known to hospitals and healthcare.

4.   Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City has everything. From high-standard hospitals, renowned public schools, and an amazing downtown.  For the students, it is a great place to be with the big ten universities.

You can easily adjust to Iowa City compared to other capital cities. The population of Iowa City is under 80,000 which makes it easy to navigate the city. There are sunny days and there is a lot of snow in Iowa City so make sure you’re ready for both.

It is a great place for people belonging to the Tech, Education, and Medical/Healthcare industry with a lot of opportunities available. Also, you can some state-famous salsa and chips there so it’s a win-win. Who doesn’t like salsa?

5.  Rochester, Minnesota

In the south of Minnesota, Rochester is the city that a lot of people may not have heard of. But the chances are you know about the biggest employer there; the Mayo Clinic.

Rochester is famous for its hospital which attracts doctors, researchers, and patients from around the world. That points directly to how much anyone related to any medical profession can benefit from by residing here.

Although, there is a lot more in Rochester than just a huge hospital. There’s a lot of food and festivals. Their public transport there is remarkable as well. The weather in Rochester could get a bit too cold or too hot.

6.  Columbia, Missouri

A fact, Columbia has a very low unemployment rate. According to the last record, it was only 2.1% in December 2018. For comparison, the USA’s national unemployment rate is over 4%.

Columbia has a great economy and the people belonging to social assistance, education, and healthcare industries can benefit from it with a lot of opportunities in the respective professions.

Columbia has a lot of fun-filled events spread throughout the year like the Art in the Park festival. If you have a dog then you can take on a fun-filled adventure with your four-pawed companion at the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park which is HUGE. Also, did we mention there are a cave system and an underground stream as well in the park?

7.  Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Around 180,000 people living in peace and harmony. The people of Sioux Falls are very friendly and welcoming that you would feel home there on your first day.

You can get around anywhere in the city in just 15 minutes with great bike paths and short commute times. You will see how the whole city just loves arts and you will see how much they appreciate it.

Although it won’t be a very good option for you if you want to enjoy a lot of hot summer breezes. The temperature in winters of Sioux Falls is dropped down to -12.2 degrees centigrade. But there are cons of it as there are a lot of recreational activities that come with it.

You can have a good career here if you belong to the food processing & manufacturing industry or biomedical industry or grocery industry.

8.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

You like Heinz ketchup? Who doesn’t?

Pittsburgh is the home of world-famous Heinz ketchup, visual arts, and a lot of history with sports.

One very peculiar thing about Pittsburgh is the number of bridges it has connecting different parts of the city. Pittsburgh is also known as the “The Steel City” and “The STEM City” because of all the tech talent that keeps on innovating the city.

The weather in Pittsburgh is pleasant, you can experience a perfect blend of snowy winters and warm humid summers throughout the year.

9.  Lincoln, Nebraska

If you love art, it’s time for you to move to Lincoln as soon as possible. The culture here is full of rich art that includes theater, dance, and music performances at the Lied Center for the Performing Arts.

Although the climate is humid almost all of the time, you can enjoy the cloudy cold winters here. If you belong to the public education, health care industry, or even into government things, Lincoln could be a great place for you to move in.

10. Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville is green? Is that it?

NO! Greenville is a place that offers everything you want!

You can find everything in Greenville but the best part is affordable housing and a lot of job opportunities. You can take your healthcare, manufacturing, or education career to another level in Greenville.

You can experience all four kinds of weather at their finest in Greenville and that’s a rare thing. You can head downtown and enjoy all sorts of entertainment, a variety of dining experiences, and a lot of shopping.

Wrapping it up!

These were the top 10 places in the US that you can head to right now for a greater experience. If you have found the best one for yourself then don’t wait. Pack your bags and hop on a plane already!

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