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Sad Quotes Will Make You Cry | Depressing Quotes 2019

Sadness sometime kill all the happiness from our life and we are always in search for sad quotes and depressing quotes by reading this we feel so calm and also express the impressions by these quotes. Live quotez is a platform which has written best sad quotes that will make you cry literally and one thing is that sometime this sadness makes us a poet because sadness quotes internally kill us.

Sad Quotes

“The pain passes but the Beauty remains”

Manhattan Gip


“It is ok to be little said for sometimes”



“Sadness does not come from bad


It comes from bad thoughts”

John Alia


“I don’t think all writers are sad, she said:

I think it’s an other way around that

All sad people write”

Lang Leav


“It’s said when someone you know

Becomes someone you knew”

Henry Rollins


“Turn sadness into strength

Madness into art”

Christy Ann Martin


“The world is never the same

Once a sad person added to it”

Justin Cruise


“They say lightning never strikes

The same place twice and

I think that’s why I find it so hard

To let you go”

S.L. Gray


“I am that type of person that will

Try to make everyone else smile,

But when I need a smile, no one is here

For me”

Gill Clay


“Sometimes you don’t know how much

Something means to you until it’s taken away”

Kin David


“No day shall erase you from the memory of time”

Jonathan lame


“You can never love people as much as you can miss them”

Kyle Adam


“Never rains forever”



“Death finds a life not a relationship”



“One day you are going to wake up and

Realize that you should have tried”

Adam Lovery


“If you don’t let your past die

Your past will not let you live”



“How lucky I am to have something that

Makes saying

Good bye so hard!”

Andrew david


“I like storms because they let me know

That even the sky screams sometime”



“Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought”

David Foster


“May be I am not so blind may be I just

Choose to see the good in you”

Jm storm


“I write the best when I am sad”



“I was such a sullen, angry and sad,

No ghost no fear but I am happy!”

Isabel Allende


“She was not sad anymore,

She was numb,

And numb,

She knew was somehow




“2019 is a scary bruh

Anxiety, depression, and sadness are becoming a

Flirting and bonding point for people!”

Humaima Malik


“You keep a lot to yourself because

It’s difficult to find people who understand you”



“I am not mad, I am hurt

There is a difference”



“The worst feeling is when you don’t want to

Give up on someone but you know you have to”



“Sometimes holding on does more damage

Other than letting go”



“I wish I could ignore you like you

Ignore me”



“I am a simple person who hides a thousands

Feeling behind the happiest smile”



“When grieves are deepest then

Words are fewest”

Ann Voskamp


“Nothing can dim the light that

Shines from within”

Maya Angel


“We should feel sorrow but not sink

Under its oppression”

Christine bill


“Sometimes it’s easier to pretend that

You don’t care,

Than to admit it’s killing you”

Lilly brook


“Smiles are like Band-aids

They cover up the pain

But still its hurts”

Malik Ajmal










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