Mobile Technology on Human Body
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Harmful Impacts of Mobile Technology on Human Body


That’s what our parents told us every time they saw us watching us our favorite cartoons or shows on the TV while sitting close to it. They were not wrong though, most of us now have to wear prescription glasses just because of that and it is quite not fun.

As we grew up and went from watching TV to using a computer to later owning a mobile phone. Our interaction with technology increased significantly. We became dependent on mobile phones and it turned out convenient for the most part but it did affect us physically and mentally.

Doesn’t matter if you use your phone for watching a movie, excessive use of anything can have bad impacts. Here we are to discuss some of the very negative and harmful impacts of mobile technology on the human body.

  • Negligence on Health
  • Excessive Use of Social Media
  • Radiations

Being Fit? Is There an App for That?

Okay, we know there are tons of apps that help you track your health and everything.

But do you even lift (anything besides your phone and the slice of pizza)?

The majority of people around the world don’t exercise or even go out unless there’s an extreme need to do so. People order their food by an app, people get cabs at their doorstep just by an app, and you can even book a whole trip to Hawaii just from your phone now. It might seem like a big convenience but think of it as how lazy it has made us all.

Everyone is on their phone whenever they can get time, if not doing anything, they would just scroll their social media feeds and other random apps. People tend to prefer to play sports games on their phones rather than play actual sports which is ironically funny if you think about it.

While we’re talking about excessive use of phone, let’s talk about some issues that can occur with it.

Neck Stripes, Check if You Have Them.

A lot of us use phones while walking or maybe sitting and looking down on phones and we stay in that position for hours. Looking down for long while at our phones can cause our necks to have permanent creases which, no offense, are not trending.

Looking down and staying humble is cool but not when you are scrolling memes and texting people while walking. Try to sit up front at a comfortable distance where your muscles don’t feel agitated or pulled.

Peritendinitis, Swollen Hands Because of Phones?

Common with swimmers, Peritendinitis is a medical term that means inflammation of tissues around the tendons. When your phone is bigger than the size of your palm and your thumb is stretched out for a long while, it can cause the inflammation.

Big phones are cool, swollen hands are not.

Are You Allergic to Your Phone?

Shocker? You can indeed be allergic to phone cause of the metal material like cobalt, nickel, and chromium used in phones. It can cause you skin irritations, blisters or even swelling. If any of this is happening to you, you should consult a doctor asap!

Anti-Social Social Media

Social animals are not social anymore.

Although we are connected 24/7 with our friends and family through social media but is it enough? We can tag everyone in our photos on Facebook, we can retweet all our friend’s tweets, we can share our friend’s photos on Instagram stories, but how often do we meet them in person?

The lack of real social interaction between humans is driving people crazy. Teenagers are becoming prone to and suffering from severe mental disorders which are affecting their physical health as well.

What is the reason behind it?

If we take Instagram for an example, it could have a very bad effect on someone insecure about themselves. Instagram is full of pseudo-influencers just show off their perfect bodies (which are photoshopped most of the time), exotic places they go to or the luxury places they dine-in. When someone who does not have access to such materialistic stuff or can’t afford such things. They get insecure and sad about their lives.

Toxicity is unavoidable on social media, what you can do it have its minimum effect on yourself is to tell yourself that you don’t need such things to be happy in life and look after the people around you for realistic inspiration!

Brain Frying Frequencies

Sounds scary? Well, it is scary if you think about it.

Keeping a mobile phone in your front pocket increases the risks of heart diseases. Keeping the phone in trouser pockets can cause skin irritation or can contribute to obesity and other problems because of radiation as well.

Studies have proven that radio frequency mobile phones use are highly hazardous to the human brain, prolong use of the phone on your ear can increase your chances to develop a brain tumor.

Using phones around bed time can affect your biological clock as well resulting in messed up sleep schedule and metabolism.

To avoid lifelong consequences make sure to practice the following things:

  • Minimize the usage of the phone before bedtime.
  • Keep the phone’s brightness to the lowest possible.
  • Use headphones or Bluetooth when you’re talking to someone on call.
  • Make sure to not use your phone while it’s on charging.
  • Don’t put your phone on charge near your heard. Try to keep it as away from your bed as much as you can.


With these scary and terrorizing negative impacts of mobile on the human body, there are many pros as well. As we said before, excessive usage of anything can cause you troubles.

Take care of your health!

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